8 Types of People You Will Likely Meet At A Bus-stop

Bus stops are truly an ideal place to study human character. You meet people with such quirky personalities you cannot help but wonder about them. Some are funny and others will really annoy you. Either way, we are sure you have met at least one of these characters at a bus-stop in the country.

  1. The Impatient Ones

These people always have somewhere they are hurrying to and they will let everyone know it. You may start to wonder if you are sure of your life and why you are not moving with the same determination and pace that they are. Stay out of their way or they will jostle you and move you out of the way.

2. The Marketers

Soaps. Hair cream. Educational books. Herbal medicine. Acne cream. Is there anything these people don’t sell? They will keep pulling out different products out of a seemingly bottomless bag and cause you to wonder how such small bags can hold all they sell. They also sell wonder drugs, you know, those products that cure everything — pimples, cancer, headache, heartbreak, anything at all!

3. The Storytellers

Just don’t make eye-contact with these ones or you will hear the stories of their lives. From where they are going to how their morning went to the aunty’s sister’s niece who everyone suspects is pregnant. They are over-friendly and when you try to turn away from them, they will tap you to continue the gist. They don’t even need your response or input — like a radio!

4. The Hang-arounds

They are like facilitators — they will help people get on the bus safely, give you advice on the best place to get a bus, start conversations on the state of the nation and the news headlines for the day. You will never actually see these people get on a bus.

5. The DJ’s

These ones always play their music out loud. Apala. Pasuma. Davido. Tekno. Wizkid, any and every song. They don’t care if you are interested in listening to the music or you want some morning quiet. It is not their business. The world is their party and they are the DJ on the beat.

6. The Foodies

Is there any food these people will not eat while waiting? Akara, moimoi, pap, ofada rice — they will keep dipping their hand into a small black nylon for their food. They have mastered the art of having breakfast on the go.

7. The Frustrated

You can never actually tell what has annoyed these people but they are infuriated and will unleash their anger on you if you let them. They will eye you, insult you and give you a tongue-lashing if you do something they don’t like. And sometimes you don’t even have to do anything — just exist.

8. The Quiet Ones

Expert at minding their businesses, you may never know that these people are at the bus -stop. They don’t even jostle for a space in the bus with others — you just somehow find them on the bus ride with you.

Which of these people have you met at a bus stop?

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