An African Mobility Ecosystem That is Safe, Affordable, Accessible, and Sustainable: The MAX Mission

MAX’s Chinedu Azodoh, Guy-Bertrand Njoya, & Adetayo Bamoduro on High-Performance MAX Motorcycles

Since the inception of Metro Africa Xpress (MAX), the strategies deployed have always been intended to transform the African Transportation landscape. In the early days, the company was mostly geared towards making deliveries within the busiest city in Africa, Lagos, faster and more convenient for online shoppers. With innovation as the driving force, a number of possibilities unfolded. Successfully beating traffic to make on-time deliveries brought in a new era, and gave rise to a MAX network of motorcycle taxis.

Making mobility safe for users also led to more cutting edge technologies. MAX was able to employ a Combined Gyroscope and Accelerator Recording system to record the action on the various bikes in real-time and send them to a central computing system. This system would subsequently arrive at a safety score. Each driver has a safety score so that drivers that carry high risks can be pulled off the road.

MAX has also been able to develop a transport marketplace where drivers and passengers are free to interact and negotiate, in order to get the most satisfactory deals possible, for both parties. A virtual marketplace that connects passengers and drivers. The MAX transportation marketplace is based on cutting-edge digital technology to allow customers and drivers to network, find amazing bargains, and achieve their mobility goals, with MAX only serving as the hub.

The next venture would involve inventing and producing Electric Vehicles, with MAX establishing its mission to help reduce carbon emissions in Africa. Having pioneered the African electric two-wheel space with the M1, MAX then went on to engineer the M2, which was an upgrade from the M1. Electric vehicles were subsequently deployed to urban and rural areas where they are still being used to solve mobility problems for people and businesses alike.

Another significant point of action for MAX has been the welfare of MAX Champions (drivers). MAX has been delivering essential services to drivers across the different states where MAX operates for a number of years now. The MAX Driver Service Platform (DSP) is a comprehensive structure designed with our champions’ (drivers) health, welfare, and morale in mind. We assist our drivers with financing, vehicle ownership, licenses, and insurance packages so that they may focus on securely transporting our clients and items to their destinations.

MAX’s latest show of ingenuity would see the development of the M3, the most advanced two-wheel passenger carrier in Africa. The rather worrying prospect that greenhouse gas emissions will hit 2.3 Gigaton in Africa by 2030 is one of the motivators for MAX pushing for more electric vehicle adoption by people and businesses alike. Thus, MAX has partnered with the UK government to facilitate the further production of more electric vehicles.

Facilitating Safe, Affordable, Accessible and Sustainable mobility remains the focus of MAX and with collaborations, high performing individuals and vehicle assets, the evolution of African mobility is well underway, with MAX at the helm.