Exciting Possibilities With Electric Vehicles.

2 min readJan 20, 2023


“Electric vehicles are not just mobility of the future, they are saving lives today”

Here are some undebatable reasons why you should switch to an electric vehicle;

Electric vehicles are better for the climate throughout their lifetime.

It’s true that the enormous lithium-ion batteries that power electric cars need a lot of resources, and the energy to construct and produce an electric vehicle will result in higher greenhouse gas emissions than producing an ordinary gasoline vehicle. However, it’s a whole different energy situation once the vehicles are on the road.

Within, at most, eighteen months of operation, electric vehicles make up for their higher manufacturing emissions, and they continue to outperform gasoline vehicles until the end of their useful lives.

Investment Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for all types of investors when it comes to the future of mobility — electric vehicles and green transportation — irrespective of one’s investment style.

The sheer magnitude of investment and change in the electric mobility sector that will occur over the coming decades will have societal-level consequences that will have a long-term impact on financial markets as the United States and other governments worldwide begin to put their visions for a cleaner future into action. The burgeoning wave of momentum will be difficult for investors to overlook.

Battery life

Lithium batteries in electric cars are built to last for a long life. A number of electric vehicle producers provide battery warranties of 8 years and 100,000 miles. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s predictive modeling (PDF) shows that modern batteries might survive 12 to 15 years in areas with moderate temperatures (8 to 12 years in extreme climates).

These are some of the reasons to own an electric vehicle.

Have you ever owned an electric vehicle?

Have you driven an electric vehicle?

If your response to either question is “No“, here’s how we can change that;

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