MAX and Spiro Forge Strategic Collaboration to Drive Innovation in Electric Mobility

3 min readMay 3, 2024


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MAX, the leading tech platform that democratises access to vehicle
ownership and Spiro, an innovative electric mobility company, are thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration aimed at accelerating the adoption of
electric vehicles (EVs) and advancing sustainable transportation solutions
across Africa.

The partnership between MAX and Spiro represents a significant step forward in the promotion of electric mobility. By combining Max’s expertise in vehicle subscription services with Spiro’s cutting-edge electric vehicle technology, the collaboration aims to make electric transportation more accessible, convenient, and sustainable for consumers.

“MAX is committed to offering our customers innovative and sustainable
mobility solutions
,” said Adetayo Bamiduro, CEO and Co-founder of MAX. “We are excited to partner with Spiro to integrate their advanced electric vehicle technology into our subscription platform, thereby providing our customers with access to a wide range of electric vehicles and helping to drive the transition to a greener future.” Chinedu Azodoh, Co-Founder of MAX stated that this collaboration is in line with the bid to make mobility more accessible to Nigerians, especially with the move towards more sustainable transportation.

Speaking about the collaboration, Kaushik Burman stated that in the near
future more charging stations will be made available Pan Nigeria, so as to
ensure seamless mobility for users of MAX’s electric vehicles. “We are
delighted to collaborate with Max to accelerate the adoption of electric
mobility,” said Kaushik Burman, CEO of Spiro at the official signing ceremony which took place at the MAX head office in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. “By combining Max’s drive towards simplifying ownership of transportation assets and Spiro’s advanced electric vehicle technology, we aim to make electric transportation more accessible and convenient for transporters , ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future.”

The partnership between MAX and Spiro underscores both companies’
commitment to driving innovation in the electric mobility sector. By
leveraging their respective strengths and expertise, MAX and Spiro are poised to revolutionize the way consumers access and experience electric vehicles.

About MAX:

MAX stands at the forefront of innovative solutions, by democratising access to vehicle ownership and electric mobility across Africa. Through its
pioneering tech-driven platform, it offers a spectrum of services, including
subscription-based vehicle financing, cutting-edge electric vehicle options,
and comprehensive support services. MAX’s MAXe offers electric vehicles (EVs) designed to fit perfectly into Africa’s unique transportation ecosystem while providing a more sustainable means of transportation.

MAX’s Africa Operations is headquartered in Lagos State, with operations in 15 locations across Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon.

About Spiro:

Spiro is an innovative electric mobility manufacturing company, dedicated to advancing sustainable transportation solutions through the development of cutting-edge electric vehicle technology. With a focus on innovation and
excellence, Spiro is driving the transition to electric mobility as a leading
producer of electric motorcycles, bikes and scooters and shaping the future of transportation in Africa.

Spiro is a part of the Equitane Group and has offices in Togo, Benin and

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