MAX and Kofa Partner for TailG Jidi Bike Financing

3 min readApr 16, 2024


Accra, Ghana — Kofa, a leading innovator in energy networks based in Ghana, and Max, a pioneer in electric vehicle solutions in Africa, are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration will see Max offering financing options for over 2,000 revolutionary TailG Jidi bikes, co-developed by Kofa and TailG.

Max: Leading the Charge in Electric Mobility

Max is revolutionising the transportation landscape in Africa with its high-performance electric vehicles (EVs). Max is committed to eco-friendly mobility, fuelled by clean energy. Their mission is to provide a seamless transportation experience for Africans, underpinned by innovation, technology, and eco-friendly infrastructure​​. Max offers a vehicle subscription service that makes it possible and easy for transporters to access these vehicles while providing employment opportunities. This service comes with vehicle licensing, insurance, health insurance, vehicle maintenance, helmet and jacket, as well as emergency services at no extra cost.

Kofa: Redefining Access to Energy in Africa

Established with a vision to transform how people access energy, Kofa is at the forefront of the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. Kofa’s advanced battery network, which powers both mobility applications and replaces petrol generators for small businesses, are a testament to the Kofa commitment to environmental sustainability and technological innovation. Based in Accra, Ghana, Kofa is dedicated to driving a greener Africa and creating transformative solutions for transport, energy, and climate change, not only in Africa but globally​​​​​​.

TailG Jidi Bikes: A Symbol of Sustainable Mobility

The TailG Jidi bike, a product of Kofa, represents the future of eco-friendly transportation. These bikes are designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable and efficient transportation solutions in urban areas.

Partnership Impact: Accessible and Sustainable Transportation

This partnership marks a significant milestone in making green transportation more accessible in Africa. Max’s financing options for the motorbikes will enable more individuals and businesses to adopt eco-friendly transportation, aligning with both companies’ vision of a sustainable future.

A Green Future Ahead

This collaboration between MAX and Kofa is a step towards a greener, more sustainable Africa. This partnership is poised to accelerate the transition to green energy and sustainable transportation in Africa.

Economic Growth and Development

This partnership will ensure a more connected Ghana by providing a more sustainable and predictable means of moving people and goods from one location to the other, thereby fueling the economy of Ghana.

For more information on the partnership and the TailG Jidi bikes, please contact the respective companies through their official channels.

About Max

MAX stands at the forefront of innovative solutions, by democratizing access to vehicle ownership and electric mobility across Africa. Through its pioneering tech-driven platform, it offers a spectrum of services, including subscription-based vehicle financing, cutting-edge electric vehicle options, and comprehensive support services. MAX has over fourteen branches across Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana, with the headquarters located in Lagos State, Nigeria.

About Kofa

Kofa is a Ghana-based company focused on creating affordable, sustainable, and customer-driven electricity networks, starting with electric motorcycles. They aim to open up their battery network for broader energy needs, both in business and home settings.

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